Mittwoch, 21. Januar 2015

I have to stay awake...

Otherwise I will wake up being in a small town veery far away from my bed.
The problem is I was partying with friends wo travel home with another train.
So I have to stay awake stay awake stay awake stay awake stay awake
Because this is the last train
If I miss this one I am gonna have to walk in those shoes!
Or I will have to take a taxi but that would be soooooooo expensive...
No I really do not want to do this.
Where are we noe I don't know but it will take a little bit more time until I am at home.
It was a wonderful evening with my girls and a lot of new people. :)
Some very funny things happened :D
And I have to STAY AWAKE.
I am so freaking tired.. it isn't even that late!
But alone in a more or less cosy seat in a warm train...
It's easy to get tired. Very fast.
But this is helping me even though nobody will read it because it's senceless and written by a drunk and tired girl with hurting feet.
The challenge is almost over I am almost at home just a few more minutes...
I am really asking myself right now how I can produce so many english words with not even thinking.
After this station there will be the one where I have to get out
Three more minutes.
I think I can manage that.
I feel so tired.
Damn train please Continue driving
Or whatever someone is doing with a train to move it
Yes it's moving
I will do this it's almost over oh what the freak why am I so close to sleep
The voice announced my station and the train is stopping slowly and I am there. I wrote this text while driving for 20 minutes.

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